Prism Technic founded as a small enterprise company in the year 2015. The team experienced in the high tech industries for 10 years. By mid of 2015 the company has employed 5 key persons for operations. We had started in Kamunting Industrial Park and latest second branch in Bukit Minyak (Penang).

We are focus in development new technology within multinational manufacturing industries across Malaysia and overseas. Involving in industry over the last 10 years of discreet experiences, focus and passion of an entrepreneur and innovator. Our brilliant engineering solutions brings at most satisfaction to customer over benefits and values. The results is something rare in the said industry today - a local automation company that has the ability to discover and apply advance innovative ideas as a genuine satisfaction for the customer's value around the globe. We perceive...We listen...We act...We deliver!

With vast growing market, our team is ready to take the new challenge for the next level. Until 2017 our sales revenue hit the highest of RM 1,193,577.00 (RM1.1 million) and the results was surprised as a new player. As PRISM TECHNIC’s Vision to be the No. 1 industry leader in automation provider, engineering services and new technology development for new and reverse engineering technology, we are consistent involves in Mechanical, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, metal fabrication and Industrial Automations.

Internationally, Prism Technic having collaboration with a Europe based company for metal high-tech company Euroslot KDSS, France.

Our Missions:
  • No. #1 technology provider for manufacturing process automation.
  • Fast growing company in automation industry for new machine design and development.
  • Industry leader in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic services.

Our Visions:
  • Delivering brilliant engineering solutions.
  • Premium quality in service at reasonable price.
  • Superior after sales service for customers.