mechanical & 3D design

Prism Technic (M) Sdn. Bhd. has been awarded with multiple purchase contract through the years. Our team experienced in manufacturing setup and execution wide variety of products. We had been a trusted partner for our customers.

Super Duplex Nozzel Filter

Super Duplex Nozzel Filter

  • 3,000 unit of Exotic SS steel (32750)
  • Special design for extreme subsea condition
  • 0.2mm filtered wires
  • FEA analysis for design
  • Collaboration with Euroslot KDSS, France
Leno Tape Hydraulic

Leno Tape Hydraulic

  • 480,000 meter of Leno tape
  • 35mm / (+- 1.00mm) per roll
  • Linear cutting process
  • For hydraulic hose use

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